BFU ‘Zine, November 2013 (pdf).  For best results, print the ‘zine double-sided and flipped on the short edge, then fold it with the first page as the inside centre spread.  It will make more sense that way!

Similar projects

Melbourne Free University

University for Strategic Optimism

People’s University in Washington Square

The Ragged Project

Free University of San Francisco

Free University of NYC

Freedom University (Georgia, USA)

Vancouver Institute for Social Research

The Social Science Centre (Lincoln, UK)

UPop Montréal

EXCO: Experimental Community Education of the Twin Cities (Minnesota, USA)

Academy of the Impossible (Toronto, Canada)

The Nonstop Institute (Ohio, USA)

People’s Political Economy (Oxford, UK)

Things to read

Edu-factory Collective

Class War University

How to Start a Free University: Manual by the Melbourne Free University (free pdf)

Communiqué from an Absent Future: Manifesto written by the UC student occupiers in 2009

Port Huron Statement, written by the Students for a Democratic Society in 1962.  This text heavily critiques the corporatisation and militarisation of university campuses that occurred across the US in the 1960s, and was foundational in the formation of the first projects to name themselves ‘free universities’.

Please note that this list is far from exhaustive!  Feel free to email us with further suggestions at brisbanefreeuniversity[at]gmail[dot]com

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