Australia: The Lucky Country? Capitalism and its Discontents


Brisbane Free University excitedly launches its first session, featuring talks on the following topics:

Capitalism and Class Struggle in Australia (Dave Eden)

Eat Our Money? Food Security under Capitalism (Kristen Lyons)

When: Tuesday 18th of December, 6.30 – 8 pm

Where: Westpac carpark, 89-91 Boundary St, West End.

About the speakers:
Dave Eden holds a doctorate degree in political science, and currently lectures at the University of Queensland. His research interests circle around the critique of political economy, and specifically on two separate threads. One is the study of contemporary Marxian theory with a special focus on the post-workerists, the state debate,value-form theory and crisis theory. The second thread is the application of these approaches to understand the way that social reproduction is being contested by capital and labour in the context of the crisis. His recently published book is ‘Autonomy: Capital, Class and Politics’.

Kristen Lyons is a lecturer at UQ in Sociology and Development Practice, with a broad research focus including the sociology of food, gender in agriculture and development, social justice and development, governance and public engagement, and nanotechnologies. She is also a committed community activist, particularly around issues of food security and environmental policy. As well as a doctorate degree, Kristen holds a Permaculture Design Certificate and is an active advocate for inner-urban, autonomous agriculture.

BFU Session 1 poster version 3

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