Native Title: Three Critical Viewpoints

Brisbane Free University’s 7th session is coming up this week!

Where: Carpark under Westpac bank, 89 – 91 Boundary st, West End. (Stop 5 on the 199 busline.)

When: Tuesday May 7, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

About the Speakers:

Nancy Williams is an anthropologist who has taught at three different universities and has four decades’ worth of experience working in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

Michael Aird was born at Southport and has spent most of his life living in the Gold Coast region, the traditional country of his ancestors. His career as an anthropologist in the area of Aboriginal cultural heritage has included curating over 15 exhibitions. In 1996 he established Keeaira Press an independent publishing house and has produced over 25 books, including his own book, the well-known ‘Brisbane Blacks’.

Fern Thompsett is an anthropologist with several years’ experience working on a number of native title cases across Queensland. She is currently working on a research paper critiquing several aspects of the anthropologists’ role in native title processes.


There will be tea provided! But mugs are limited, so if you can, please bring your own.

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