BFU at Laura Street Festival, 24th of November

Brisbane Free University is excited to announce that we will be running a couple of sessions at the Laura Street Festival.  This festival is an excellent local initiative, and is packed with heaps of fun stuff, which you can check out in full here.

While you’re there, keep your eye out for these BFU events:

1. BFU Presents ‘Pop Ed-U-Fun: A Radical Enquiry Into Fun and Free-Time’

This session aims to bring new a understanding to our experiences of free-time and fun. In trying to live meaningfully and authentically we may examine many of our lifestyle choices, but do we ever critically reflect on what we do for enjoyment? Is the way we do ‘fun’ an integrated, empowering, joyous part of our lives, or just another consumer activity?

Popular education or ‘education for the people’ is practical way of educating ourselves from within our communities. Through critical reflection on our direct experiences the learning remains relevant to our lives and connected to our values. Come and join us in exploring this radical approach to education at the funnest event of the year.
Where: The Garden Stage, 44 Laura Street, Highgate Hill
When: 1.30 – 3 pm, Sunday the 24th of November
2. BFU Presents ‘The Politics of Learning: Panel Discussion’

Join Brisbane Free University for a crunchy discussion about the politics of learning, featuring our panelists Robert Austin (Honourary Research Fellow, UQ and commentator on student struggles in Australia and Chile), Rob Davidson (Lecturer in Music, UQ and previously QUT), Rachel Jacobs (Lecturer in Education at the Australian Catholic University, and Greens member) and Max Chandler-Mather (UQ Student Union).  We anticipate topics such as the future of education in Australia, the effects of government policy on educational outcomes, and the corporatisation of universities, along with discussions on different philosophies of learning – but anything could happen!  Bring your questions, ideas, experiences and stories and get involved in a conversation that is critical for our times.
Where: The Garden Stage, 44 Laura Street, Highgate Hill
When: 4.30 – 6 pm, Sunday the 24th of November
BFU will also be running a zine stall with a range of zines for sale by donation.
Best of all, the whole event is absolutely free and open to the anyone who wishes to attend.  Come and check out one of the best locally-run events of the year!
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