BFU Presents: Women in Media: A Panel Discussion

Brisbane Free University invites you to a panel discussion focusing on women in media. With the approach of International Women’s Day, this event aims to celebrate women working in a variety of different media roles. It is also an opportunity to critically discuss the representation of women in these industries.

When: Wednesday the 19th of February, 6.30 – 8.30 pm.

Where: Car park under the Westpac Bank, 89-91 Boundary St, West End.


Sally Prosser is a freelance television journalist and news producer, as well as a university tutor and media voice trainer. She’ll provide an insight into the world of television news and the challenges of getting a bulletin to air each night. Sally will also offer tips on how to crack into the industry and what to expect once you do.

Nicole Jensen is a freelance social media strategist. She has managed social media for ad agencies, ad agencies, large businesses, SMEs, not-for-profits, lobby campaigns, job seekers, students and teachers. Her main interests are in content marketing as well as digital reputation management for individuals. Nicole will be discussing networking and creative self-promotion. 
Ellie Freeman is 25 and works in community media. She got her start volunteering at 4ZZZ FM and has since worked in several differnt community media roles. She currently works as sound and program producer at ethnic community radio station 4EB FM. Half of her job is fiddling with waveforms and the other half is producing a grant-funded program, Where are you From? Where are you From? talks to multicultural Australians about their lives in Australia plus their views on racism, ethnic identity, culture, migration and refugees. Ellie was born in Korea and adopted by Australian parents. Ethnic identity and what it means to be from a multicultural background in Australia is a topic she’s particularly passionate about, which is what she aims to explore by producing ‘Where are you From?’

Brisbane Free University is open to all, pet and family friendly, and free.

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