BFU & Courting Blakness Present ‘Reflecting Blak: The Impact of Courting Blakness at UQ’

BFU invites you to a panel to take place amongst the artworks of Courting Blakness, currently installed in the University of Queensland’s Great Court.  The groundbreaking exhibition, curated by Fiona Foley, sets new pieces by Aboriginal artists in the heart of the campus, and asks: ‘What does contemporary Aboriginal art prompt us to think and feel about the ways we occupy spaces of knowledge?’

To reflect on this and other questions as the exhibition draws to a close, we are bringing together a diverse panel of UQ faculty who have engaged with Courting Blakness in their teaching.  We equally welcome the participation and reflections of anyone who might have been prompted to wonder about history, identity, art, and the place of the university within it all.  The panel will be followed by an informal gathering at UQ’s Pizza Cafe.

About the panel

Panelists: Fiona Nicoll (Cultural Studies), Louise Phillips (Education), Sylvie Shaw (Religion and Spirituality Studies), Sally Babidge (Anthropology), Paul Harnett (Psychology), Kari Sullivan (Linguistics), Morgan Brigg (Peace and Conflict Studies), Kristy Parker (Political Science) and David Burgener (Peace and Conflict Resolution).

When: Friday the 26th of September, 5-6.30 pm

Where: The Great Court, University of Queensland, St Lucia

As always, the event is absolutely free and open to the public.  We hope to see you there.  Be sure to spread the word!

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