Where to for Brisbane Free University in 2019?

BFU friends!

We have two upcoming events to kick off the new year and settle into the BFU rhythm for 2019.

1. BFU Reading Group – Reading List discussion and planning chats


When? 6pm – 7.30pm, Thursday 31st January 2019

Where? 19 Dornoch Terrace, West End (The Book Merchant Jenkins, second-hand-bookshop)

What? On the cusp of our third year as a radical reading group, I reckon we should kick off with a big ol’ planning meeting. Let’s get together in our beautiful new second-hand bookshop home (on the corner of Dornoch Tce and Hardgrave Road, in West End) to sip tea, eat bickies, and have a proper chat about what we want out of reading group this year.

If you’re keen to join the reading group this year, or to continue, have a bit of a think over the next couple of weeks about what you’d like to read together this year. What kinds of things do we want to read? How much should we try to get through? Should we read less or more than we have been over the past two years? Should we read different sorts of things? More fiction? More poetry? More films? Should we change the structure a bit week-to-week? And practically speaking: how often do we want to meet? How/do we want conversations to be facilitated? How structured / unstructured would we like the group to be? Is the new location appropriate?

If you’re new to reading group and feel like you’d like to come along, this will be a great introduction to the group, and a good chance to have a bit of a say in how you reckon the reading group should run! And if you’ve been coming for a while, or on-and-off, and you’ve got some niggling concerns, bring those too! We’re all making this space together, and all ideas are welcome!

After this early meeting, some of us will duck away and write up a reading list for the year as usual, which we’ll publish sometime in the next few weeks when the group starts properly. But for now, come along with your ideas for the year, ready for a classic reading group catch-up!

We acknowledge that we gather on the unceded lands of the Jagera and Turrbal peoples. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and to all other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Brisbane. Sovereignty over this land was never ceded.

See facebook event:


2. Public discussion & Picnic: Where to for Brisbane Free University?

When? 4pm – 5.30pm, Saturday 9th February 2019

Where? Bunyapa Park, cnr Thomas and Vulture Streets, West End

What? Public Discussion & Planning Meeting!

We acknowledge that we gather, organise and work on unceded Jagera and Turrbal land. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and to all other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities across Brisbane. Sovereignty over this land was never ceded.

So: to kick off 2019, we reckon it’s high time for a big ol’ chat about what we all reckon Brisbane Free University should look like this year! To that end, I think we should have an organising meeting / public discussion / community picnic on Saturday 2nd February 2019 from 3pm – 4.30pm to talk about how we hope to see the free uni develop this year and into the future.

Do you think there’s still a need for a free education project like BFU in Brisbane? Do you think public lectures are a good format? Should we shake it up a bit? Do you have a workshop you really want to give? A course you wanna teach? A one-off lecture or public discussion? Think we should be collaborating more with other activist groups? Maybe we should make a zine together, or do something else entirely!

BFU is just over 6 years old, and we reckon it’s time to check in to see where this space should go in the future. We’re open to any suggestions, and we’d love to build something together out of what’s already here in our community 🙂

So, if you’ve been a regular attendee of BFU, or just a casual bystander, or if you’ve never heard of it before – you’re all welcome! We’d love to hear from you. Come along, share some food, get involved!

Accessibility information for this event:
The venue is a park. The event is child-friendly, and we welcome families to attend. However the park is not fenced and there will not be a separate space for children. We can provide some engagement materials (drawing supplies etc) on request.
This venue is wheelchair accessible, although much of the park is grassed
There is an accessible ambulant toilet with a change-table.
We will primarily be sitting on the grass, but we can try to organise some folding chairs if necessary. Please let us know if you need us to bring you a chair.
An Auslan interpreter will not be present.
Very limited First Aid will be available on site.

ALL WELCOME! Completely free!

See facebook event:


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