BFU and Undercurrent Community Education Project present: Relationships, Sex, Consent.

BFU is excited to present and promote the great work being done by Melbourne based organisation, Undercurrent Community Education Project.

Undercurrent Community Education Project is a non-profit organisation focused on challenging and preventing violence in relationships, with a particular focus on violence against women, family violence and sexual assault. They currently facilitate violence prevention workshops with high schools, community groups, Universities and various organisations. Undercurrent’s projects are informed by transformative justice, prison abolition and a feminist philosophy. In the past they have been involved in attempts to develop and operate community-based response processes to instances of domestic and sexual violence using restorative and transformative justice frameworks, as an alternative to the criminal justice and prison systems. Undercurrent aim to support people who have experienced or are experiencing violence, to challenge gendered attitudes in society, and to promote respectful and non-violent relationships in the community.

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Thursday night’s session will be presented by Ani. Ani was one of the people who started Undercurrent Community Education Project. She has been a co-director of Undercurrent for three and a half years and was involved in a respectful relationships education program with South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault for two years prior to that. She has been involved in transformative justice and community accountability projects and discussions for a number of years, including A World Without Sexual Assault, a collective around from 2007-2009 that participated in community accountability processes and ran workshops around gendered violence, support and consent predominantly within activist, queer and punk communities.

All welcome, all free.

When: Thursday April 23rd, 6.30 – 8.30 pm.

Where: Carpark under Westpac Bank, 89-91 Boundary Street, West End.

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