BFU presents: Selling Students Short

Richard Hil is Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Human Services and Social Work at Griffith University (Gold Coast), and co-founder of the Ngara Institute. He’s also a great friend and supporter of Brisbane Free University. We’re delighted to have him along to our beloved car park to talk about his new book: “Selling Students Short: Why you won’t get the university education you deserve.”

Selling Students Short takes a wry yet disturbing look at the vagaries of Australia university system – this time from the perspective of students. Richard catalogues a range of problems experienced by both domestic and international students that contrast markedly with the frothy blurb and blue sky promises peddled by university marketing divisions. But the sorry state of our universities is not simply about the gap between promise and reality: it’s a troubling insight into the nature of neoliberal higher education and its preoccupation with vocationalism, credentialism, performance and, above all, income generation. Sadly, in many cases, students do not get the full, rounded and critically oriented education they deserve, or an education that is likely to make them better informed and more active, democratic citizens. But many will end up with long term debt, in jobs unrelated to their degrees, and with memories of an education typified by its drab functionality.

These issues are dear to BFU’s heart! Everyone is welcome to join us. The event will be, as ever, free.

When: Tuesday May 12th, 6.30 – 8.30 pm.

Where: Carpark under Westpac Bank, 89-91 Boundary Street, West End.

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